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Before moving to a new house this year, I found Chris to help me paint and paint the walls of the new house. From the very beginning, Chris felt very good. The price was within my budget. The ground was also included in the construction, and it will help me plan after construction. For hygiene, I also thank him for giving me some suggestions on the color, and also completed all the painting work within the expected time, which guaranteed the time for me to move. Thank you Chris. I will contact you again if I need it next time.

Patrick S.

Toronto, ON
The paint introduced by my friend is very impressive! I added the person in charge’s WeChat account and looked at the photos he sent and realized that they are specialized in this business, so I have confidence in their professionalism. Another person in charge of them gave me color suggestions and analysis of popular trends very well. Now the spaces on my first floor are very high-end, and I am very satisfied. There was a room on the second floor that was a bit darker, and I immediately bought me light-colored paint and replaced it. The work of the construction master was very meticulous, all corners and corners were done, some previous cracks were also repaired, and the floor was cleaned up when finally leaving.

Yifan L.

Marakham, ON
I searched long and hard for a reputable painting company with affordable pricing and I was referred to Chris and his team more than once so I took the leap. Momo painting was professional from beginning to end and my whole family loves the finished job. They were also COVID-19 trained and took every safety precaution they could. Thank you Chris!

Seth G.

Barrie, ON
Thank you very much for the paint service, the color recommendations are very good, the house is beautiful after painting, and the price is within my acceptable range. The recommendation of my friend really did not disappoint me. The master also provided a lot of useful suggestions to help me complete My engineering project is really a team of conscience. If there is any need in the future, I will contact Chris. then your reputation.

Tom G.

Richmondhill, Ontario
Fast, affordable, and they quoted me 30% cheaper than friends company lol. Not one single complaint. They are a great company. Thanks Chris!

Marcus Broughton

Whitby, ON
I needed an emergency painting company to help me with last minute renovations to our restaurant and Chris and his team came through last minute. They are a great bunch to work with. Thanks!

Muhammad Jarrar

Pickering, ON