If you’re looking to rejuvenate your home or commercial space, consider renovation painting. Renovation is a complex process that involves several types of projects. However, if you don’t have time or budget for a complete home remodel, consider repainting the walls to give your space a bright, new look.
Renovation Painting

Whether you’re planning to sell your home or want to enhance the interiors, renovation painting has both aesthetic and practical benefits. At Momo Painting, we offer renovation services such as repairing cracked walls and smoothing the surfaces to deliver flawless interior and exterior walls. Our professional painting renovation services in Greater Toronto include removing old wallpaper, graffiti removal, fixing water damage, repairing cracks and holes, popcorn ceiling removal, and more to revamp your space. 

Over the years, walls suffer wear and tear that impacts the overall appearance of your building. So, if the exterior walls have discolored or interior walls have suffered water or smoke damage, we can restore your space cost-effectively.

As painting experts, we can renovate and paint the walls, ceiling, and windows of your home or office. When we renovate your walls or ceiling, we start by sanding the surface, filling holes or cracks, caulking, and plastering gaps to create a smooth, sturdy base for smooth paint. Our painters perform sanding before painting to achieve flawlessly painted walls. 

We also use primer for stained walls or plastered surfaces. When it comes to cracked or flaking paint, we use a paint scraper and sandpaper to smooth the surface. We know the proper techniques to repair damaged walls or fill the gaps around windows with a sealant. Whether you want to remove unwanted grease or need to fix cracked plaster, we can efficiently renovate your residential or commercial building to give it a vibrant look. 

Our renovation services include repairing cracked or water-damaged walls and ceilings, removing popcorn ceilings, sanding and stripping, interior repaint and decoration, window painting, and more.

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