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Coatings perform two essential tasks. First, they protect the house from moisture, sunburn, fungus, and natural aging. Second, they help embody various design ideas, making the house stylish and original. The choice of coatings is extensive, from natural to synthetic paints to matte and glossy. Remember that any coating has a limited shelf life with whichever option you prefer. Budget paints usually last 4-6 years, and more expensive ones - 10-15 years. At Momo Painting, we carry out professional interior and exterior painting in Toronto and can help you choose the best quality paints for your home.

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Interior Painting ​​

All surfaces must be cleaned and, if necessary, puttied before painting. Then a layer of primer is applied. It promotes smoother paint application, reduces paint consumption, and often contains antifungal agents. After that, you can apply paint.

For interiors, it is essential to choose a harmless composition that does not smell and does not emit toxic substances. A good option is water-based acrylic paints. Separately, you need to choose paint for the floor, as it must be resistant to abrasion. In the bathroom, a coating with increased moisture resistance is used.

At Momo Painting, we have a highly experienced team for your interior and exterior painting in Oakville that understands all the procedures required for the professional application of paint in your home. We will choose a safe composition that will not expose you or other house occupants to any kind of risk. Bring that new feel to your home with our interior and exterior painting services in Markham.

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External Painting​

Acrylic and acrylate: Among water-based paints, they are the most expensive and the most durable. They are resistant to temperature changes, ultraviolet, and humidity and retain their decorative effect for more than 10 years. In addition, they breathe and have elasticity, which means that a slight deformation of the wood will not damage the coating.

Alkyd: These compounds are also weather resistant. They are elastic, do not crack, and apply well to different surfaces. But these paints do not penetrate deep into but form a thin surface film. Therefore, their service life is slightly less than that of acrylic compositions.

Oil: These paints are the most affordable. They protect the wood well from moisture. But that’s where their merits end. The coating dries slowly, quickly cracks and fades in the sun, and the tree under it does not breathe.

Lucky: These deeply penetrating compounds perfectly protect the wood and preserve its beauty. There are clear and tinted options.
Contact us if you need interior and exterior painting services in Vaughan, Toronto, Markham, or Oakville! We will answer all your questions, help you choose materials, and complete all work on time.


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